Stephanie Moreno






Aldi is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that is proving to be popular among many different audiences. Aldi is set to open 2,500 stores nationally by the end of 2022, making it the third largest U.S. grocery store chain behind Walmart and Kroger. It is clear that people are drawn to Aldi because they’re tired of expensive groceries, choice fatigue, crowded stores, long lines, and more. Aldi provides simple differences that are solutions to these problems and they should exhibit their differences more in their identity.


Aldi boldly stands out in the supermarket industry — it should visually stand out to establish this position and peak interest in new potential audiences. This fresh and eclectic rebrand repositions Aldi as a uniquely simple grocery store while keeping the honest and simple persona true to the company. The identity is modern and quiet, paired with sty- lized illustrations that bring life and charm into the supermarket’s voice. High quality at a low price is emphasized through the brand’s attention to detail and the pure form and composition.