Stephanie Moreno




HIX Island House


HIX Island House is a luxurious boutique hotel on the Island of Vieques off the Souh Eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Hix Island House was thoughtfully and uniquely designed by architect John Hix to fit in with nature as well as work in harmony with it. Hix operates primarily on solar and wind energy, collects rain water that is recycled back into the property and heats its water using the sun. The hotel’s identity needed a revamp to reflect the blissful escape under contemporary and sustainable architecture. 


I designed the logo to represent the stoic architecture paired with a circle, a representation of the harmony and natural cycle of the hotel.  John Hix was heavily inspired by the Wabi-Sabi Japanese view that focuses on finding beauty in imperfection, impermanence, and the cycle of nature. Just as the design of the hotel is inspired by nature and imperfection, I added organic and imperfect graphic elements that complement the geometric and subtle identity to further highlight the wabi-sabi inspiration.