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Little Libros



Little Libros, publishes and sells bilingual children’s books in independent bookstores, online direct, and in major retailers nationwide. They were in need of a brand refresh that would further position them as the leader in bilingual children's publishing. The company introduces children to Latin American culture and English-Spanish bilingualism. The company’s core mission is to encourage parents to read to their children in both English and Spanish in order to develop stronger connections with one another and their two cultures


I implemented the company’s core mission in their logo to reinforce the warmth and humanity Little Libros was founded with. The overall identity was elevated to disgintuish their recent and current exponential growth.The illustration style used is a warm and fun identity that is reminiscent of traditional Latino illustration styles. This includes humorous characters, bright colors, and traditional patterns paired with earthy textures.

Previous Logo

Updated Logo

The Career Series:

Three different titles were designed under a proposed career book series that Little Libros would launch. The goal of the career series gives Latino children a chance to see someone who looks like them in the media they consume in a career they might be interested in. This encourages the possibility of pursuing all kinds of hobbies and career paths.


The Monthly Club:

A subscribtion box program was created along with the career series for families in quarantine during the pandemic. The career-themed box comes with a book, activities, and goodies to enjoy with your family.

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