Stephanie Moreno




Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop


Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shopis a bike shop in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Rolling Cowboys has made a name for itself due to their high quality bicycles, exceptionally knowledgable staff, and even better prices. Rolling Cowboys needed a rebrand that matched the high quality and care they take with each customer that comes through the door as well as their free-spirited and quirky identity.


I created a new identity that highlighted the company’s unique brand and targeted the audience they were talking to: The Cowboys and Cowgirls of the open roads, all those who desire to be free from encumbrances and just ride their bike when and how they like it. Three logos were designed with the intention of merging the Western world with the world of cycling. Paired with a fun woodtype slab-serif that give the brand authenticty and intrigue.

The Logo:

For preliminary sketches, I began by combining iconic Western symbols and bicycle imagery as well as bike accesories. I created a logo system that merges the armadillo, the longhorn, and a horseshoe with bicycle gear that is all available at Rolling Cowboys: a bike tire, a bike seat, and a bike lock.

The Collateral:

Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop is a unique bike shop, so I wanted to give them an identity that stood out from all other competitors. They cater to those with an adventurous, bold spirit and I wanted to reflect that in the collateral. The business card is a functional matchbox so adventurers can carry them around when camping, biking, or anything in between.

In the letterhead and the business card, I included a lyric from an iconic cowboy, George Strait. In Strait’s song, Cowboys Like Us, Strait sings: “Cowboys like us sure do have fun, racin' the wind, chasin' the sun.”